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Greetings in Divine Love

With every new sunrise we possess an increased ability to make decisions that can bring us to a more fulfilling life. Each choice we make daily affects our mental and physical wellness.


Holistic Elements is here to help you discover ways to make CHOICES that will improve your:

• Physical Health through Nutrition and Fitness

• Mental Health through reflection and redirection

• Financial Wealth through evaluation and exploration

• Spirituality through and interfaith approach of Divine Love

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Let Us Be Your Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Financial Coach, or Spiritual Guide.

Physical Health Financial Wealth Mental Health Spirituality Divine Love
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Providing You With Choices to Help Ensure Wellness

"My Holistic Elements" programs are designed specifically for individual use. Each program can stand alone or combined with others to provide optimal results. I work to provide honest and true information. Clients can expect courteous and confidential professional service. My reputation and experience lets you know you are in capable, caring hands.

Providing personal sessions online or in person. Offices located in Charlotte North Carolina.

Whether you are searching for weight loss strategies, ways to overcome financial challenges, methods to improve your mental focus, to reduce stress and anxiety, or improve your sleep. My Holistic Elements is designed to help you discover new Choices.

I will coach you to discover new choices where you will learn to practice mindfulness and personal responsibility. It is your choice to live a full and active life, to find "Joy" daily.

Learning to live a life of moderation can ensure you a life of freedom & longevity.

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2016 Spring Nature Retreat

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