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Mental Health

Mental Health


Designed to Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety

This program will incorporate mindfulness techniques that will Intensify your ability to focus. Become more relaxed and calm through breathing exercises and meditation. Help to increase your creativity as you learn to balance your life through organization and time management skills.

Keep Your Mind Alert & Responsive

Discover new social activities to keep your mind alert and responsive.

We will explore the mind body connection.

My Coaching involves helping you lead an active fun filled life. Discovering new and enlightening venues. From Nature retreats to attending the theater, visiting museums and art galleries.

Woman Running Friends Eating Outside Clouds

We will work together to help develop skills that can bring more clarity to your life.

You will learn to experience true mindfulness, learning to live in this moment, eliminate mind noise. These techniques when learned and done properly can help to reduce pain, illness, stress and anxiety. In turn you will improve your wellness and longevity.