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Greetings in Divine Love


Who Am I?

Hello, I am Steve Baisden. I am a motivator, speaker, life student, child of the universe and a spirit filled man, who has made good and bad choices in his life. With recognizing my limitations knowing each day I have new choices to improve this path that I am on to share Love and Kindness. I have tried to learn from each challenge and to continue to grow into a more knowledgeable and responsible individual.

I am a father of two, a grandfather of four, a spouse, a brother, a son, a friend. I am who I am. I am a knowledge seeker.

I have had the opportunity to work in many management fields, larger corporations, Keebler™ and American Greetings™. Being a business owner and having the opporturnity to help businesses grow and help them become successful.
Knowing the business industry well, I have been defeated and have succeeded in business.  

Areas of study include:

• Management Techniques
• Finance
• Nutrition
• Meditation
• Organization Skills
• Yoga
• Cooking
• Fitness
• Kick Boxing
• and much more... 

Having a certificate in Fitness and Nutrition from Penn Foster has helped me develop my own nutritional programs. I am also ordained by the ULC Monastery. 

Things that I enjoy would include staying active, hiking, biking, traveling, reading, researching, swimming, photography, museums and arts. I love to laugh and share a smile and always willing to take on a new challenge. 

I Have experienced true Joy and true Sorrow.

With these experiences and skills I will work with you to help you discover a path to wellness and longevity. I believe that we learn from each other and I am looking forward to learning from you. I would be honored to serve as your Life Coach.

Go Be Kind,


My intention is to share with you Divine Love, Kindness, and Understanding. To guide you on a path of Individuality learning and responsibility. To help you to learn the true meaning of freedom though contentment and moderation. To provide you with truthful and up to date material and techniques that will place you on a sustainable path to true Wellness and Longevity.


Our customer focus provides us with a solid reputation with clients and industry professionals. When you are looking for ways to improve your wellness and longevity make sure to contact me at 877.788.1549