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Take Control of Your Life, Today

With every sunrise we have the ability to make new decisions that can affect our Mental and Physical wellness. Today make the decision to take control of your life by having a Life Coach help you discover new Choices to move towards wellness and longevity.

Initial 90-minute Assessment

One Hour Session to discover ...




3 week program to build a foundation to your goals $169.00 (3 one hour coaching)

7 weeks program, includes building your
foundation and building your long term intentions.
10% Savings
7 One Hour Coaching


7 month program (Recommend for long term wellness).
This is in depth program is designed for reaching
your intentions towards gaining true
freedom, wellness and longevity.

20% Savings
20 One Hour Coaching

Special Couple Pricing: Learn to support each other on a wellness journey.

In home or business private coaching. This program is to help you learn to organize your home or office to remove
clutter and reduce stress. Business can offer group session
to employees to promote wellness understanding.

$120.00 per hour plus travel.

Call for details

Zen Style Wedding Planning: Officiating, Custom Gown, Photography, Location, and catering with Natural foods. Call to set appointment to discuss
rates and availability.

All programs are subject to AVAILABILITY. Call to learn of open appointment times.
Regular sessions take place in my office Located in Charlotte North Carolina.
I do accept a limited amount of web-cam clients.